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Our Focus/Thematic Area

The Creek Girl Project

The Creek Girl is a Nigerian girl child from the creeks of the Niger Delta with far lesser opportunities at her disposal, vulnerable and very much less likely to access the quality of life taken for granted by her peers in other societies in Nigeria. The creek girl is educationally backward, socially neglected, physically, morally and spiritually less developed, sexually exploited, most amenable to early marriage, teenage pregnancy, and high maternal/infant mortality, acute lack of health care programs to take care of their peculiar needs, unsafe environment and acute lack of safe drinking water.

The purpose of this project is to raise public awareness on the level of discrimination, abuses and neglect that the average creek girl faces. It also seeks to increase social justice, distribution of wealth, education, and social privileges on behalf of the creek girl. Communities will remain underdeveloped if they lack the required human capital and the best instrument for developing any society is to invest in human capital. This is because acquired knowledge and skills will guarantee the economic and social liberation of individuals and by implication enhance their contributions to community and national development.

CODAF intend to solve the identified challenges of the Creek Girl through the following approaches

  • Visit the creek to evaluate the effect;
  • Capture the out of school persons;
  • Identify the teen mothers and the expectant mothers;
  • Determine the suitable trade for the identified groups etc.
  • Secure a scholarship program for those who are still willing to go to school, by engaging well meaning stakeholders and individuals who are humane enough to invest in the future of these girls.

The major factor that has and will continue to work against the creek girl is the circumstances of their place of birth; the creeks. Whereas, the uptown girl child in a semi urban community such as that of Bomadi or Burutu in Delta State, would have the opportunity of being enrolled into crèche or at least Pre-Kindergarten School in as early as two years of age, the Creek girl knows no such thing and would practically begin her academic exposure at the age of six. Thus, at Basic three or Four, she would be learning what her age mates learnt while in primary one. This has become frustrating and has gone further to disincentivized academic pursuit in the minds of these young people who ought to be leaders of tomorrow.

Again, she is a probable product of a sad circle where her mother is a teenager and a school drop out who is totally oblivious of the importance of acquiring proper education .

CODAF hopes to create a resource center where the affected persons would be trained on skill acquisition to be supported by major stake holders of the affected communities.

The project will be self-sustaining by mobilizing stakeholders towards the creation of revolving funds with which every graduate would be set up for gainful self-employment and being entrepreneurs. The creek girl will also be taught on how to produce reusable sanitary pads as an income generating action.

Finally, CODAF will collaborate with the following groups.

  • CSOs, NGOs and other Charity Organizations
  • Community Leaders
  • Religious Organizations
  • Schools
  • Political Leaders
  • Women Activists
  • Indigenous companies